Spencer Heating and Air Conditioning Problem Solving

Solving Home Comfort Problems

Problem Solving

Q  My system does not heat or cool well.  What might be my problem? 

A  Check your air filter, make sure your registers are open, move furniture blocking return and supply air openings, make sure the air conditioner outside is free from bushes, vines and other debris.  Make sure you have sufficient attic insulation.  If you get a lot of afternoon sun coming through your windows try having your windows treated with UV film, planting a tree or installing an awning to block the sun.  Have a service company check the system.

Q  My air conditioner or heater does not come on at all.  The fan does not even move air.  What might be my problem

A  Check the breaker box and turn the breaker marked "Furnace" off then on.  If the breaker is tripped this will reset it.  If you have recently changed your filter make sure the switch next to the furnace which turns it off has not been turned off.  If you needed to open the blower door to change the filter make sure the door has been put back properly.

Q  I have a tri-level house with one heating and cooling system.  The temperature varies on each floor. Is there anything I can do?

A  This is a common problem; heat rises and cold air falls.  Moreover, the thermostat is usually located in the heart of the house, usually on the main floor, which does not experience the temperature extremes of the other floors.  As a result, the thermostat satisfies more quickly shutting the system off.  This state deprives the other floors of much needed conditioned air.  To help remedy this problem try leaving the "fan" function on at the thermostat, close the downstairs registers in the summer to push the cool air up and close the top floor registers in the winter to push heat to the lower floors.  Appropriately sizing heating and cooling equipment when it is time to replace can also reduce temperature disparities.

Q  My house is uncomfortably humid in the summer.  What might be my problem?

A  Make sure your air conditioning has a clean air filter.  You might want to have a service company check the refrigerant charge.  An appropriately sized air conditioner can remove a lot of humidity.  You might look into a central dehumidifier which can remove a large amount of water from the air.

Q  Why is my basement musty and cold in the summer? 

A  This might be due to ground source water.  If this is the case call a water abatement expert to assess your basement.  If your basement shares a system with the main floor you might try leaving the fan in the "on" position at the thermostat to continuously introduce the fresher air from the main floor to the stuffy basement.  A whole house dehumidifier can pull a great deal of moisture out of the air.