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Residential Services


We offer a first-rate service department.  Our HVAC techs are supported by a service manager and by a courteous customer care staff.  Our well stocked trucks make it likely we can fix your problem the same day!

Pricing - You will have peace of mind with our flat-rate pricing.

Our regular hour's service and diagnostic charge is $89 for the first system that we are servicing.  Each additional unit will have its own $79 diagnostic charge.  Once a problem has been diagnosed the repair costs can usually be determined.  This means that most of the time you will know the cost of the repair before we get started!  After-hours, weekend and holiday rates do apply.

$89 diagnostic charge for the first unit + flat-rate price to fix the problem = your problem is fixed!  

HVAC Problem Solving

03 11 11 076

Does your thermost keep up with the set point? Are you experiencing temperature irregularities between rooms?  Is your home too dry or musty?  Does the cycling of your equipment keep you up a night?  Call us to discuss your concerns or explore our Action Center for a description of your problem.  You might just find your solution!  


Our installation techs are supported by our installation supervisor, who is responsible for maintaining high quality installations.

Our installers are all full-time employees.  Each installation is performed with consideration to proper capacity, efficiency and equipment sizing to fit your space.  With each piece of equipment we install you can be assured that we have the bases covered.

Attention to Details...

  • Complete installations according to local and national code,
  • Register equipment for extended warranties,
  • Provide a one-year service agreement with the installation of a complete system.

HVAC Installation Check List...

  • Put down drop cloths to protect your floors,
  • Set new cement foundation pad for outdoor condensers,
  • Install a permanent in-line refrigerant filter dryer (to remove impurities from the freon),
  • Evacuate freon lines (to remove old oil, additional impurities and moisture),
  • Charge A/C system per manufacturer specifications,
  • Install a seconday drain pan and emergency cut-off float switch under furnace,
  • Remove and dispose of old equipment and clean work are,

Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

Lennox is our primary line of equipment but we offer products from a variety of manufacturers including furnaces, air conditioners, heat-pumps and ductless mini-splits.  If you have a sun porch or media room that is difficult to keep comfortable this might be the system for you.

HVAC Accessories

We offer a full range of HVAC system accessories designed to make your home a more comfortable and healthy place to live.  Accessories fine-tune a heating and cooling system so that it can deliver greater comfort.  Accessories can be installed anytime.  High efficiency filters and humidifiers can be installed with equipment at a discount.

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Commercial Services

brians company photos 005Atlanta GA based Spencer Heating and Air Conditioning provides commercial air conditioning and heating services for Atlanta businesses, industrial facilities, apartment complexes, hotels, municipal & government properties, office buildings, retail stores & shops, shopping malls, restaurants and catering facilities, warehouses, and other commercial properties. Spencer supplies business owners and managers with heating and cooling expertise, we offer make/build HVAC solutions at competitive prices.

After analyzing your project requirements, our team of NATE certified heating and AC experts will design, install or retrofit equipment that is reliable and cost-effective. Customizing each HVAC system to meet the unique requirements of your property, we cut energy use and costs while maintaining the comfort of management, employees, clients and visitors.

Whether you require installation of a rooftop commercial heating and cooling system, split-system or ductless unit, Spencer Heating and Air Conditioning makes it our priority to provide efficient, friendly and professional service.  We recommend premium brands and models but are knowledgeable about all types of HVAC equipment.  In addition, Spencer professionals can assist with system financing for any size commercial HVAC system.

To inquire about commercial heating installations, commercial air conditioning installations, indoor air quality services or HVAC repair and maintenance programs throughout Atlanta and the surrounding Metro Atlanta communities, contact Spencer Heating and Air Conditioning commercial HVAC contractors today.

View our Job Photos to see us at work and go to our Maintenance Agreement tab for details about our commercial service agreements.

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Maintenance Agreements

HVAC Service Maintenance Agreements provide scheduled service to maintain the efficient performance and proper functioning of your heating and cooling equipment.  An agreement can include the inspection of HVAC system accessories such as humidifiers, condensate pumps and high efficiency air filters.



Our residential maintenance agreement costs $174 for the first system and $97 for each additional HVAC system.  HVAC Accessories are not included but can be added.


Our commercial maintenance agreement utilizes standard pricing but must be tailored to fit the needs and lease requirements of your particular space.  Please let us know your specifications for HVAC Service pricing.

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Flat Rate Pricing

Peace of Mind...Our Flat Rate Pricing ensures no surprises. Know what the cost of repair or replacement is up front...before the work is started!

Flat rate pricing is one of the many benefits of doing business with Spencer Heating and Air Conditioning. All of our technicians are prepared with the Spencer flat rate price guide. When our technicians arrive to your home they will quickly get to work to diagnose any HVAC repair you may need. Once we have carefully diagnosed the issue you should expect your service technician to refer to his flat rate pricing guide to give you your price for repair or replacement.

The price we quote is the price you pay.

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